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Power Express

Category: Clinical Automation

Increase the number of offered services to improve patient and clinician satisfaction by creating optional workflows - without added work burden - while maximizing uptime and minimizing errors. All solutions AU5800 Series Read more »


Category: Clinical Automation

Support reliability and rapid turnaround time (TAT) with technology that meets the individualized needs of your clinical laboratories. All solutions AU680 Read more »

Power Processor Sample Handling System

Category: Clinical Automation

Item No: A31442 The Power Processor can revolutionize your lab's entire operation, enhancing productivity, operator safety and accuracy, as well as significantly reducing labor costs and eliminating opportunities for errors for improved patient safety. By automating your pre-analytical testing processes, the Power Processor helps ensure consistent turnaround time and accurate results. In turn, your lab can optimize the use of its staff and deliver better quality service t Read more »