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2020 Multi-Sample Micro Osmometer

The Advanced® Model 2020 is a multi-sample automated freezing point osmometer designed to process up to 20 samples with unattended operation while providing fast, accurate results. It combines proven freezing point technology with a functional design that is both simple to operate and easy to maintain. The Model 2020 is ideally suited for mid- to high-volume laboratories that prefer to automate osmolality batch testing while improving laboratory efficiency and throughput.


Multi sample capability

The easy to use carousel design allows batch processing of up to 20 samples while improving workflow and productivity

Small sample size

Requiring only a 20 µL sample, the Model 2020 is ideal for applications where the sample quantity is limited.

Efficient sample processing

With a 90 second test time and an operating range of 0-2000 mOsm, the 2020 provides fast and accurate osmolality test results while improving laboratory efficiency.

On-board printer

Allows for easy printout and archiving of test results.

Flexible data management

The 2020 features multi-language operation, on board statistical analysis, and an internal memory of 200 samples.

Connectivity when you need it

The 2020 connects easily to an external barcode scanner to aid in positive sample identification, the RS-232 port provides connectivity to LIS and data management systems.

Flexible calibration options

The 2020 offers a simple 2 point calibration to assure accuracy for routine testing. An optional 3 point calibration provides improved accuracy for samples above 1500 mOsm.

Industry leading accuracy and precision

Freezing point determinations are the industry gold standard, and Advanced osmometers provide class leading performance guaranteed.