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3320 Single-Sample Micro Osmometer

The Advanced® Model 3320 Micro-Osmometer is a single-sample osmometer designed to provide fast, accurate test results using a 20 µL sample. It combines proven freezing point technology with an elegant design that is both simple to operate and easy to maintain. It is ideally suited for routine osmolality testing in clinical diagnostic, pharmaceutical, and industrial laboratory settings.


Small sample size

Requires only a 20 µL sample and is perfectly suited for sample-limited applications

Easy to use

With features including one-step sampling, a menu-driven interface, automatic calibration, and onboard statistical analysis, the 3320 combines world-class performance with a user-friendly package

Fast and reliable test results

With a 60 second test time, the 3320 can quickly process samples and improve laboratory productivity with industry-leading accuracy and precision

Proven reliability

The 3320 system incorporates over 60 years of applied technology and expertise in the field of osmometry and is ideal for laboratories seeking greater control, minimal downtime, and higher productivity

Flexible system options

Select from an optional external printer and barcode scanner to customize the 3320 for your specific laboratory requirements

Versatile sample processing

The 3320 is ideally suited for analyzing complex aqueous mixtures including blood, serum, plasma, urine, cell cultures, drug formulations, and many other non-biological sample types

Freezing point technology

The industry preferred method for determining sample concentration because it accounts for ALL solutes in solution