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BR2 Bilirubin Stat-Analyzer

The Advanced® BR2 Bilirubin Stat-Analyzer™ system provides fast, accurate results for both total and direct bilirubin levels in neonates requiring only a 30µL serum or plasma sample. It determines total bilirubin by spectrophotometric analysis and direct bilirubin using a modified version of the proven Malloy-Evelyn method. Because of its compact, portable design and ease of use, it is ideally suited for pediatric physician offices, satellite labs, hospital stat labs, or pediatric research laboratories.


Fast and accurate test results

Provides instantaneous results for total bilirubin, direct bilirubin results achieved in 2 minutes

Small sample size

Requires only a single 30µl serum or plasma sample for both total and direct bilirubin analysis

Easy to use

Directions are provided directly on instrument. Test kit provides everything required to run samples immediately

Portable design

Ideal solution for a physician’s office, satellite laboratory, or mobile laboratory settings

Low cost per test

Provides economic benefit and low cost of ownership to any laboratory

Proven reliability

Simple instrument design backed by service and support from a world-leading manufacturer of diagnostic equipment