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MicroScan autoSCAN-4 System

For many decades, this semi-automated analyzer has been designed for low-volume usage of supplemental testing.


The autoSCAN-4 System processes panels in seconds, simplifying identification and antibiotic susceptibility testing (ID/AST) while standardizing results. Over 30 years of exceptional instrument reliability and our conventional panel technology – with the fewest FDA limitations in automated ID/AST – make the autoSCAN-4 an excellent supplemental system for difficult organisms or as a primary instrument for low-volume usage.

Features & Benefits

The autoSCAN-4 System includes our LabPro Information Management software and is designed to simplify workflow and minimize technologist interaction while accommodating differing regional and institutional environments through extensive customization features. Our LabPro AlertEX software automates detection of atypical results for quick reporting and directs staff to the most appropiate action based upon customized institutional procedures.

  • Operation is easy to learn and use, with minimal training
  • Cost-effective automation for low volumes
  • Processes Conventional panels with direct, non-identification (ID)-dependent minimum inhibitory concentrations (MICs), to help you zero in on emerging resistance
  • Processes Specialty ID panels for reduced turnaround when speed matters
  • Optional remote diagnostics provide an extra level of service responsiveness
  • Our highly rated Service and Support offers unmatched experience and expertise to ensure the optimal performance of your microbiology service