Proven reliability and precision for confident treatment decisions

Get the fast answers you need for timely, confident treatment decisions with the proven reliability and precision of Beckman Coulter’s Navios Tetra system for simultaneous identification and enumeration of T, B and NK lymphocytes in whole blood.

Navios is equipped with electronics that provide accurate and efficient digital signal processing at high event rates over a wide dynamic range of fluorescence intensities. These benefits are packaged in a compact analyzer that delivers stable performance over long periods of time and across a wide range of operating temperatures.

Now available for the Navios flow cytometer, Navios Tetra delivers an easy-to-use solution for multicolor flow cytometric analysis of lymphocyte subsets as well as CD4+ and CD8+ T cell subsets ratios.


Accurate, automated and available on Navios

Power through your routine testing workload when you run on Navios with the innovative cluster tracking and absolute count robustness of Navios Tetra.

Fully automated set-up

  • Use Flow Check Pro and Flow Set Pro Fluorospheres for fast automated set up

Faster sample processing

  • Ready to use, pre-optimized reagents make sample prep easier than ever
  • Improve lab safety with reduced sample handling with no wash protocol
  • Streamline data entry and reporting with bi-directional LIS connectivity**When used with Data Innovations Instrument Manager 8.05-8.12

Single platform standardization


  • Automated software algorithms define lymphocyte gate in three dimensions
  • Patient panel reports summarize T, B and NK results and internal reliability checks
  • Run-time reports highlight pertinent results

On-board quality control tracking

  • Process controls including low level CD4 counts
  • Built-in reliability and intra-panel checks
  • Sample flagging with insufficient T-cells