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UniCel DxC 600 Synchron® Access® Clinical Systems

The UniCel DxC 600i, designed for the laboratory with moderate-volume testing, combines chemistry and immunoassay testing in a single platform.


With the UniCel DxC 600i you have:

UniCel DxC 860i – Overview 1 of 2
  • System throughput of up to 990 chemistry, and 100 immunoassay tests per hour*
  • Combined onboard capacity of 89 different tests from a menu of more than 150 assays**

Included standard features:

UniCel DxC 860i – Overview 2 of 2
  • ClozCap™ closed-tube sampling and aliquoting technology
  • On-the-fly loading of chemistry and immunoassay reagents and consumables while system is running
  • Hands-free integrated aliquot preparation
  • Streamline parallel sample processing
 *Based on individual analyzer throughput.