UniCel DxH 800

Accurate Results, Faster.

Designed for higher-volume laboratories, Beckman Coulter’s DxH 800 goes beyond cell counting to focus on each individual cell’s size, shape and internal structure. By employingAutomated Intelligent Morphology (AIM), this enhanced multi-dimensional high-definition cellular analysis solution utilizes flow cytometric technology to deliver results to physicians and patients faster…and with greater confidence.


Confidence in Results

  • Report results with confidence due to first pass accuracy, efficiency and reduced review rates, all driven by innovative AIM technology and advanced algorithms
  • Enhance visual cellular investigation with 2D dataplots, multi-dimensional surface plots, and 3D cube formats

Workflow Driven Efficiency

  • Connect up to three DxH 800s and a DxH Slidemaker Stainer to form a DxH Connected Hematology Workcell
  • Reduce turnaround time with auto-rerun and reflex testing
  • Further streamline pre- and post-analytical processes by leveraging Beckman Coulter's expertise in automation and information solutions to help improve quality and productivity while continuing to reduce costs

Extended Testing Capabilities

  • Industry-leading NRBC through AIM, onboard reagents and advanced algorithms
  • Automatic Reticulocyte and Body Fluid Analysis capabilities
  • Run STATs, pediatric samples, body fluids or open tubes without interrupting routine sample testing
  • Extended onboard user-defined decision rules for auto release-reflex testing, with or without connection to a DxH Connected Workcell